Fabric bags are the perfect blend of functionality, style and usability. Thanks to their large size and design, they are the perfect all-round bag for almost everything. A bag keeps you organized whether you’re going shopping, meeting friends, going to the beach, or heading to the office. This trendy tote bag follows environmentally conscious and sustainable design guidelines.

Look for the following features in a bag: foldable (small and foldable), compactness (not too large or heavy) and easy opening and closing.

Elobina’s eco-friendly bags are foldable, small, lightweight, yet big enough to accommodate heavy shopping items. It is environmentally friendly, durable and machine washable and the bags can be adapted to your choice of fabric, design and size.

When you buy Elobina fabric bags, you choose a product that is better for the environment as well as for the individuals who work in production and distribution. Quick fashion bags are often made in terrible conditions, using harmful processes and materials. With Elobina, you have chosen to support an environmentally friendly business. You also get a high-quality, durable, multifunctional item that saves time and money.

They are simply wonderful bags!