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Cook in style with your own personal apron! This apron fits perfectly with Elobina kitchen towels.

Whether you want to add a humorous statement or a picture to your apron, use an aesthetic pattern that you created yourself or one that is inspired by current trends, you can do it. We can help you. Do you also want pockets to store your kitchen utensils in while you cook? We can still help you! Simply write it down on your order form.

120cm is the length of the apron.



Elobina offers a variety of kitchen textiles to choose from: napkins, runners, apron, lunch bag, tablecloth 140 × 300, tablecloth 140 × 200, tablet 2-pack, kitchen towel 48 × 68, and plaid 150 × 200. Elobina kitchen textiles are all environmentally friendly and of high quality.

Cotton-linen Eastcoast (P), Halvpanama Antigua Eko (P), Halvpanama Saltsjöbaden Eko (P), Lin Stockholm (P), or Twill Majbacken (P) are some of the fabrics that work well with kitchen textiles.

Become your own designer and create your own kitchen textiles with Elobina. You can use a fun quote, a self-designed pattern or a photo you took yourself – whatever you want! In addition, you can browse our Elobina or designer patterns, which include everything from floral to shapes and lines to abstract and creative patterns. Our pattern page has a complete list of them. Patterns are added regularly.

In our Alnarp studio, we sew all our products by hand and with great care.

Cotton linen Eastcoast (P), Cotton fabric with linen structure. The fabric has a soft feel, but is also strong and durable. A fine fabric for interior design such as pillows, tablecloths, curtains, kitchen towels, but is also well suited for bags, dresses, jackets, etc.

Halfpanama Antigua Eko (P), Tightly woven strong cotton fabric that is well suited for various interior design projects and clothes, such as curtains, kitchen towels, napkins, pillowcases, tablecloths, cloth bags, jackets and trousers.

Halfpanama Saltsjöbaden Eko (P), A fantastic, popular all in one fabric. The fabric is tightly woven and durable. Suitable for most things in interior design such as pillows, tablecloths, curtains, but also for bags and suits.

Lin Stockholm (P), Lovely linen fabric for clothes and interior design.

Twill Majbacken (P), Fabric with classic twill structure in the color natural white. It has a soft feel with a lovely draping. Uses curtains, kitchen towels and shirts – it really is so versatile!


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