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Denim Radical

29 €/m

Elobina’s Denim Radical is a type of 100% cotton denim fabric that is more robust and durable than other denim fabrics. It is made of pure coarse yarn. It is scratch-resistant, has a smooth surface, is colour-friendly and easy to clean. A fine fabric for interior decoration, trousers, bags, dresses, jackets, lamps etc.

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At least 10m, get 12% discount | At least 25m, get 15% discount | At least 50m, get 20% discount

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Material: 100% cotton
Print width: 150cm

The colour rendering on Denim Radical is quite bright – worth doing a test or ordering a colour chart if you’re looking for a specific colour.

Country of origin: Pakistan
Printing: Mellangården i Skåne

Production time: 2 weeks
Production: Mellangården in Skåne. Produced only to order – no water is used in production and minimal electricity and raw materials.


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