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Duvet cover 150×210 Elobina bomull


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Personal duvet cover for your bedroom.

Create your very own unique duvet cover 150 × 120 on Elobina’s website. Upload a picture of the pattern or work of art you want or sometimes choose one of our own nice, finished patterns.

Your own beautiful pattern!

All in one fabric; home furnishings, clothes, crafts, patchwork, sheets, pillowcases, etc. 100% Cotton

For the following orders, we offer mass discounts.

At least 10m, get a 12% discount.
At least 25m, get a 15% discount.
At least 50m, get a 20% discount.

Feel free to contact us regarding larger quantities and quantity discounts for other products: info@elobina.com



Additional information

Dimensions 150 × 212 cm


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