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Campaign Shawl 90x90cm in essence or satin sensation Satin Sensation


40% Off



Create your own Campaign Shawl 90x90cm in essence shawl fabric or satin sensation. Now only 27 €

NOTE: Essence is more transparent than satin sensation (a little white on the other side of the fabric when printed), so if you want more transparent print shawl, we recommend essence.

Your own beautiful pattern!

Wonderful satin fabric suitable for kimono, dresses, shirts, etc. 100% polyester.

We offer the following quantity discounts:
At least 10m, get 12% discount | At least 25m, get 15% discount | At least 50m, get 20% discount

Feel free to contact us regarding larger quantities and quantity discounts for other products: info@elobina.com

Additional information

Dimensions 91 × 91 cm


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