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Create your own cushion cover

Tired of mass-produced textile products? Discover our personalised cushion covers that you design yourself. Our Cushion Covers are available in four different sizes: 40cmx40cm, 50cmx50cm, 60cmx40cm and 65cmx65cm. Elobina cusion covers are all environmentally friendly and of high quality. Choose your favourite and create new cushion covers today!
NOTE! The image you create is printed on both sides of the case.


Elobina’s cushion covers are produced in an environmentally friendly way at Mellangården in Skåne.

With Elobina’s unique design tool, you can create your own cushion cover with a pattern, your favorite photo, or perhaps text It’s easy to use, and you can be sure to get a cushion cover that is entirely unique and created especially for you Our cushion covers are made of high-quality material and printed with modern technology, so you can be sure to get a product that will last for a long time

Our cushion covers are available in various sizes, allowing you to find the perfect pillow for you
Combine different colors, patterns, textures, and sizes for your decorative pillows. If you do not have your own pattern or image, you can choose from our large selection of ready-made patterns.
Our cushion covers are produced at Mellangården in Skåne with consideration for the environment, so you can feel confident that you are making a sustainable choice Create your own cushion cover today.

There are several reasons why you might want to renew your cushion covers

  1. To update the look and feel of a room. Changing cushion covers can be a simple and cost-effective way to update the look and feel of a room If you want a warm and soft feel in a room, velvet cushions are a great favorite Mixing pillows in different materials gives an inviting impression and can be styled very well. Match with different shades, luster and the qualities of the fabrics.
  2. If you enjoy updating your decor with the seasons, changing cushion covers can be a simple way to do so. You can choose brighter or more cheerful colors for spring and summer, and perhaps more subdued, cozy shades for fall and winter
  3. If you have refreshed your decor or changed furniture, changing cushion covers can help everything to match You don’t need to conform to trends or what’s available on the market; you design exactly what you want yourself

Get inspiration for your own cushion cover from Elobina’s wonderful customer creations.

Be your own designer and create your own cushion cover

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