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Questions and answers



If my order is damaged in the transport from you to me?2022-03-14T14:00:03+01:00

If transport damage has occurred to your ordered products, contact the responsible carrier in the first instance, they will compensate you. Remember to document with photos.

Can I cancel an order already placed?2022-03-14T13:58:53+01:00

No, generally not. Immediately after the order, it ends up in a production queue.
However, you can contact us immediately after ordering if you discover anything wrong, and we will try to arrange it in the best way.

What return policy do you have?2022-03-14T13:59:00+01:00

As our products are specially made for you, we can not accept returns.
If something is wrong with the product, contact us within 10 days after the delivery has reached you. If it is an injury or obvious production defect, we make a new product at no extra cost. We have quality control and will do everything for you to be as satisfied as possible with your order.

What does the delivery cost?2022-03-14T13:59:10+01:00

In Sweden, delivery costs SEK 70. International deliveries vary depending on the destination country.

Fabrics and production

What types of fabrics can you produce?2022-03-14T13:59:15+01:00

We can produce most types of fabric, click on the link to see our fabrics on the page.
Get in touch if you want to print a fabric that is not here.

What is a report?2022-03-14T13:59:21+01:00

A report is your pattern. This pattern is repeated continuously depending on how many meters you order and how big your report is. The highest possible report height is one meter.

What does it cost?2022-03-14T13:59:30+01:00

Price varies according to fabric. The price includes fabric + print + production.
VAT is included, only shipping is added.
When you order at least 10 meters of fabric, you get a quantity discount. Ask for a discount code at Below you see the 1 meter price of our fabrics.

Which fabric should I choose?2022-03-14T13:59:38+01:00

Under each fabric on the page is a short description of the fabric and what it is suitable for. Here you will also find a table with a rough division of our fabrics.
In our editor, we have also chosen according to product the fabrics that are best suited for that particular product.
Feel free to consult with us, email or call +46 (0) 793 41 65 93. We always recommend testing yourself, ordering our fabric samples is a good start.

Is it possible to put several patterns / pictures / designs on one meter?2022-03-14T13:59:46+01:00

Yes you can basically put an unlimited number on a meter of fabric. However, we recommend 4-6 in order to be able to make a relevant assessment.

What is your report height? Maximum height of the pattern?2022-03-14T13:59:54+01:00

Maximum report height (ie the largest possible height of your pattern or image is 1 meter). If you have a higher pattern, you can choose a fabric panel of 2 or 3 meters instead. Or contact us at or phone +46 (0) 793 41 65 93 and we will help you.

What do I do if I have to print several meters of fabric?2022-03-14T13:58:42+01:00

If you want to print several meters of fabric, select the number after you have designed the fabric. You can also change the number of meters in the shopping cart.

Can you print on the entire width of the fabric that you state in the fabric description?2022-03-09T22:49:17+01:00

We state the actual print width that you get. The width of the fabric / fabric itself can vary.

What do fabric prices include?2022-03-09T22:49:14+01:00

Fabric prices include both fabric and print. Only shipping will be added. All prices include VAT.

What’s good about digital printing?2022-03-09T22:49:16+01:00

For textile digital printing, stencils do not need to be manufactured. Via the digital files, it is possible to produce exactly the number of each pattern that is requested. The consumption of electricity, water and chemicals is minimal, depending on fabric and production methods about 70-90% less use compared to analog production. The biggest benefit, however, is that production follows demand, ie only what is demanded is produced. The modern, environmentally friendly and smart way to produce.


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