It all started with a dream to modernise the textile industry and make it accessible to all.

About Elobina

The idea of digitizing and enabling the production of small volumes locally started with frustration over the environmental effects of mass production and poor working conditions. This would also allow anyone to produce, design and manufacture textiles without compromising on quality or sustainability. Today, Elobina makes it possible for you to make fantastic textiles with designs from either a finished pattern or one you design yourself. Create unique masterpieces from the materials, or transform them into high-quality textile products such as clothing, home textiles, and more!

Elobina our story

Our story

Customers want tailor-made, environmentally friendly materials that are not yet available. Textiles are manufactured today in large quantities that no one wants. And three out of four new textiles are thrown in the dump. The process of transforming a design into a finished garment is time consuming, expensive and harmful to the environment.

Elobina developed a plan to address the issues. A state-of-the-art IT platform that allows individuals and companies to design and create textiles and textile products without losing quality or sustainability. Without having to meet the minimum volume requirements, it is no waste because everything is made to order.

About Elobina photos
About Elobina photos
About Elobina photos
About Elobina photos
About Elobina photos
About Elobina photos
About Elobina photos
About Elobina photos

How Elobina works

We make the textile industry accessible to everyone by using a unique, state-of-the-art IT platform. At Elobina, everyone, both private individuals and companies, can create beautiful, personal fabrics and textile products without compromising on quality or sustainability. Depending on your needs, you can create textile products for home décor, clothing, fabrics, small personal gifts, or corporate textiles. Everything is custom-made, so no unnecessary products are produced. There are no entry fees or minimum orders.

Meet our leadership team

Elobina has a versatile leadership with extensive expertise in e-commerce, IT, data storage, shipping, marketing and business growth and development. Each has at least 20 years of expertise in their respective fields. The desire to be a part of something revolutionary – to revolutionize an entire industry – is what brings Elobina together.

Elobina Jan Carlstein
Jan Carlstein


Elobina Vilma Gustafsson
Vilma Gustafsson

MSc Intl. Marketing, Strathclyde University

Elobina Magnus Lindgren
Magnus Lindgren

MSc IT Architecture, Lund University

Elobina Tomas Gustafsson
Tomas Gustafsson

MSc Economics, Hanken University Helsinki

Investors and Advisory Board

Jonas Sjögren

Storytel, Alligator

Jon Hauksson

Storytel, Tiotio Invest

Oscar Länsberg


Peter Larsson


The Elobina team

The Elobina team is a versatile team consisting of both talents from Sweden and other parts of the world. Our experienced team members came from all over the world, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and even North America.

Our tailors have many years of experience in manufacturing high-quality, high-standard manufactured textile products from one of the world’s textile manufacturing power houses. Elobina is revolutionizing a new way of doing business in the textile industry by integrating sustainability methods into the business and working to bring home some of the world’s best textile and textile printing production and skilled tailors. It is the first of its kind in Sweden and Scandinavia.

In addition, our back office and support team has significant experience in marketing and corporate sales, non-profit work, business operations and textile processes and engineering in both the Swedish and international markets. These diverse talents, which are focused on business and have a high level of competitiveness and a will to improve business, will help Elobina fulfill its vision.

The company has also been a strong advocate for several public and private programs that aim to help newcomers to the country, especially those who possess the skills and expertise that Sweden and the labor sector require but has difficulty adjusting due to barriers such as language. The “Jobbsprånget” and internship programs offered by the Swedish Public Employment Service are among the programs that the company supports.

What do our customers say?

I need good teammates in my “world” to shape my fantasies into tangible products. Elobina has helped me to realize my dreams, they have developed amazing textiles and products for me. Elobina is there when I have questions and concerns and take an active part in my creative work.
I now have a new family in Skåne!

Mia Fransson, FraMiadesign

What Elobina does is to produce and deliver top-notch digital printing of good qualities. They sew and do all the finishing and are very keen on delivering high quality. They have a strong desire to make me as a customer extremely satisfied. I really want to continue this cooperation. What I like best about Elobina is that they can have a close and good communication, and that they are very open to development.

Amandah Andersson, AMAWE