Our designers

Our designers have a wide range of different types of patterns, ranging from colorful to a more subtle designs. Different techniques are used and some patterns are painted with water colors or drawn by hand while others are digitally produced. Maybe you already have a favorite.

Elobina design Kirsi Donskoi
DeZio Design by Kirsi Donskoi

Patterns inspired by sea beaches and forests.

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Elobina design Elisabet Ädelroth
Color your life by Elisabeth Ädelroth

Patterns that are usually playful and colorful.

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Elobina Louise Eklund
Leopock Design by Louise Eklund

Inspiration from nature, everyday life and some animals.

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Elobina design Jaana Kahonen
DJK Design by Jaana Kähönen

Nordic theme and Art Deco or Pop Art inspired twist.

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Elobina design Mari Isotalo
Pyrykääkkä Design by Mari Isotalo

Flower and animal motifs are extra close to my heart.

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Elobina FramiaDesign
FraMia Design by Mia Fransson

Patterns inspired from childhood summers

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Elobina design Monica Lindblom
Lindblom of Sweden by Monica Lindblom

Patterns that are most often animals, people, botany and architecture

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Elobina design Anna Tapper
Happy Sunbeams Studio by Anna Tapper

Patterns inspired by nature and good mood.

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Elobina design Atelje Carina
Atelje Carina by Carina Eriksson

Patterns are things from the plant kingdom, flowers and leaves, as well as insects that crawl.

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Elobina design Emma Karlsson
One Mandala A Day by Emma Karlsson

The inspiration comes to me from so many places, but the wonder and power of nature is close to my heart.

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Elobina design Hanna Fors
Hanna Fors

My patterns look beautiful and restful from a distance, while they have nice details when you get close.

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Elobina design The stone bird design by Sirgitta Keiskander
Stenfågeln Design by Sirgitta Keiskander

Patterns are things from the plant kingdom, flowers and leaves, as well as insects that crawl.

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Elobina design by Alison Uvner
Alison Uvner

Patterns inspired by floral to bold and bright

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Elobina Karolina Lohiniva
Karolina Lohiniva

Recurring motifs are mischievous magpies, peonies and geraniums.

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Elobina design Unelmo design
Unelmo Design

I like geometric patterns and the shapes of different natural pieces.

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Elobina design Pia Repo
Studioprepo by Pia Repo

Patterns inspired by colors, contrasts and graphic shapes.

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Elobina design Kaisa Andersson
Kaisa Andersson Illustration

Motifs I myself remember from childhood; motifs with clear characters and colors to get lost in.

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Elobina design Sofia Kroon Walter
Sofia Kroon Walter

Women and children in the patterns to their stories and
Visions are important to remember and convey.

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Elobina design Yvonne Kündig Gustafsson
Yvonne’s Gallery by Yvonne Kündig Gustafsson

I love flowers and strong colors, but I also like simple geometric patterns.

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Elobina design Eva Carlstein
Eva Carlstein

Eva Carlstein was early interested in visual arts and engaged in painting, textiles and graphics, and attended training in all techniques.

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Elobina design Christina Andersson Strokirk
Christina Andersson Strokirk

Life experiences and knowledge are my inspiration.

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Elobina design Samuli Mänttäri
Samuli Mänttäri Design

I like simple and stylistic patterns that fit both clothes and interior.

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Elobina design Shahla Kader
Shahla Kader

Creating, shaping and designing is my great interest. I design fabric patterns, wallpaper and other products.

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Elobina design Inger Degerfält
Inger Degerfält

When Inger was to become a grandmother, she crocheted grandmother’s squares and had them printed on fabric for a dress.

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Elobina design by Tess Enarsson
Tess Enarsson

Tess Enarsson, artist & designer, designs her patterns with her artistic watercolors as a basis.

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Elobina design Susanna Lindeby
Lindeby Design by Susanna Lindeby

Choose from products such as kimonos, duvet covers, aprons, blankets, pillows, kitchen towels, napkins, etc.

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