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How it works

We make the textile industry accessible to everyone by using a unique, state-of-the-art IT platform. At Elobina, everyone, both private individuals and companies, can create beautiful, personal fabrics and textile products without compromising on quality or sustainability.

Depending on your needs, you can create textile products for home décor, clothing, fabrics, small personal gifts, or corporate textiles. Everything is custom-made, so no unnecessary products are produced. There are no entry fees or minimum orders.

Elobina’s textile products are only made to order, which minimizes waste. Thanks to the digital printing, the use of energy and water is minimal. All production and sewing takes place at Mellangården in Alnarp, Skåne. The design possibilities are endless in terms of colors and motifs. Minimum order 1 meter or 1 product | Any number of designs.

that’s how it goes

    Choose a finished image or a pattern or take a photo, for example. a painting or drawing you want to use and take a picture of it. You can also scan the image. Elobina also has a pattern bank if you do not want to use your own motif.
    Go to and choose what you want to create. A textile product or fabric by the meter.
    Upload your image start creating. You can either use the whole image as such or edit it and make a pattern. By clicking on your image in the editor, you get a larger image with rulers.
  4. ORDER
    Add to cart and order your product. Production begins when you place your order. Manufacturing time 2-5 weeks depending on fabric. Fabrics marked with P and D are the fastest to produce, while fabrics marked with R take a little longer.

Video Example

Our design tool – the heart of

It is in our editor that you design your creations. You choose the product, pattern, fabric and then have the opportunity to preview in 3D view before placing your order. In the 3-D view, you see how the image / pattern in reality fits on your product. Among our ready-made patterns, you will find both Elobina’s own free patterns and designer patterns. If you print on your design image, you will get a view with rulers.

  • You can upload images and patterns of max 60 MB (jpg, png or tiff)
  • The editing tool where you can scale, rotate, crop and select repetition only works with jpg and png images.
  • We print at 200 dpi and images with a different resolution are resized in the editor.
  • NOTE! The color white is not printed in digital textile production but consists of the color of the fabric.
  • We use color profile Adobe RGB 1998
  • Colors look different on different fabrics, so if you are looking for an exact color, it always pays to test print first, even if you have previously tested in a different material.
  • The good thing to remember is that because computer screens are different, the printed fabric will not look exactly like what you see on your screen. If you print your design on your home printer, it will look different because the ink, material and technology are different from digital textile printing.
  • You can create your design from a simple image from your mobile or camera, draw or paint a picture or create an image on your computer.
  • If you need help with your pattern, it costs SEK 600 / hour.


Why do some designs cost while others are free?2022-03-09T22:48:59+01:00

Patterns that are free are Elobina’s own designs, while those that cost are designer patterns.

In what way is it environmentally friendly to order from Elobina compared to stock items?2022-03-09T22:49:04+01:00

At Elobina, we do everything to order, so no overflow production. An order is always based on white fabric which is then produced with your pattern and after that sewn into a product.
Our way of producing reduces the use of electricity, water and raw materials.

Are there any start-up fees?2022-03-09T22:49:06+01:00

No, because we produce digitally, no start-up fees are added. But we recommend that you test 1 meter of fabric or 1 product before embarking on larger quantities.


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