Our large selection of curtains and panels will help you customise your space. Create your own curtains using photos, custom patterns or text to make your home decor reflect your style. We have a wide range of materials to choose from, including blackout curtains, light curtains that are ideal for summer and warmer seasons, and also fireproof curtains for increased safety. Make your home and living room truly unique.

  • From 74 €
    incl. print & fabric

  • From 64 €
    incl. print & fabric

  • From 87 €
    incl. print & fabric

  • From 96 €
    incl. print & fabric

  • From 78 €
    incl. print & fabric

  • From 37 €
    incl. print & fabric

At Elobina there are many different sizes to choose from for your curtains. If you have specific measurements that you need, email us. Think about where you will have your new curtains and what function they will serve. Then you select the perfect fabric for their purpose. Remember that curtains can change the whole mood of a room, cosy, luxurious, airy – you decide! Elobina offers blackout fabric for those who want to sleep in total darkness or who want to keep it cooler in their home and shut out heat. There are also thin, fine fabrics such as voile and semi-linen that allow sunlight to penetrate a room.

You can create personal textiles for your entire kitchen and kitchen interior. Fabric for windows is something you cannot miss when it comes to the kitchen and dining area. Using a thinner fabric like Voile is a nice option in the kitchen. This is because so much light comes in through these curtains and sunlight is always welcome. You can choose whether you want to create matching patterns for the remaining textiles in the kitchen and dining area.

Velvet curtains are incredibly beautiful and perfect to use in your bedroom or living room. Mainly because the fabric is of a thicker quality and therefore blocks out sunlight and heat. Due to the thickness of the curtain, the acoustics will be better in a room. The color reproduction is amazingly good and the velvet adds a bit of everyday luxury to a room.

Curtains are good to use if there is echo in a room. Hanging panels is also an option for better acoustics in a room.

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