Fabrics & textiles for artists, entrepreneurs, interior designers and businesses.

We turn patterns, designs and photos into printed fabrics, draperies, curtains, sound absorbers, furniture fabrics, costume fabrics, curtains, wall panels, home or office furnishings, clothing, accessories, etc.

Ideal for interior designers, artists, entrepreneurs, production companies, etc. Use patterns, designs, paintings, logos or photographs to create unique fabrics, cushions, curtains, throws, bags, panels, sound absorbers, etc.

There are no limits. You have the ideas – we have the tools. The design possibilities are endless in terms of colors and motifs. Add to cart and order your product. Production begins when you place your order. Everything is custom-made, so no unnecessary products are produced. There are no entry fees or minimum orders.

Create unique and sustainable fabrics & textile products now!

Our design tool – the heart of elobina.se
It is in our editor that you design your creations. You choose the product, pattern, fabric and then have the opportunity to preview in 3D view before placing your order. In the 3-D view, you see how the image / pattern in reality fits on your product. Among our ready-made patterns, you will find both Elobina’s own free patterns and designer patterns.

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