DJK Design Jaana Kähönen

I have studied interior design, photography and finance – and worked both with advertising and in the IT industry. I have immersed myself in digital pattern design in various technology courses and through hundreds of hours of independent work. In my pattern design, this combines both my artistic passions and my IT skills.

My typical pattern is based on my own, image-managed photographs. I strive to utilize the potential that modern, digital printing technology enables and have developed methods to get new dimensions to the end result by using several different image management programs at the same time. My patterns have been said to represent something completely new and different – and they have even been called pattern art. My great passion is pattern design with a Nordic theme and Art Deco or PopArt inspired twist. I am especially inspired by the 20s and 60s. Motifs for my designs I get mainly from nature, animals, art and old cities.