Sofia Kroon Walter

Graphic designer, illustrator and strategic storyteller.

The FENOMEN collection
I want to tell you that the inside, free from stereotypes, is beautiful and alive. That frames have their significance in society but can not deprive
one on the feeling that lies and broods in what is not visible. The feeling
who live by the hot or cold air that winds its way into our innermost being.
In some of my patterns there may be comic elements but most are a bit enigmatic and
filled with both contradictions and sorrow. I have chosen to portray women and children in the patterns to their stories and
Visions are important to remember and convey, and because they are a strong symbol of life.

The name FENOMEN:
– strange phenomenon, miracle, miracle, miracle; natural phenomenon, phenomenon
– strange person, unusual person, prodigy, superhuman, phantom, cutter
– something that turns out, phenomenon
– something phenomenal, outstanding (especially about people)

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