CAMPAIGN: Kitchen towel 48cm x 68cm Halfpanama Antigua



Create your own kitchen towel in the size 48cm x 68cm and match it with the Elobina apron.

Now only Cotton Linen Eastcoast 21 €/pc (before 27 €/pc) | Linen Stockholm 27 €/pc (before 34.8 €/pc) | Halfpanama Antigua Eco 21 €/pc (before 27 €/pc)

Kitchen towels are used in every home, and they are often placed in areas of the kitchen that are visible to everyone. So, according to your taste, why not make them a little more unique and stylish? You can use it yourself or give it to friends and family members as a gift. Create one right now!


Your own beautiful pattern!

Half Panama Antigua ECO is tightly woven strong organic cotton fabric that is suitable for various interior projects and clothing, for example for curtains, tea towels, napkins, cushion covers, tablecloths, tote bags, jackets and trousers. 100% organic cotton.

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Dimensions 48 × 67 cm