Tablecloth 140cm x 200cm Elobina Bomull (FraMia Design: penguins crazy wild white)



Design a tablecloth in the size 140cm × 200 cm. Perfect to combine with Elobina runners, napkins, and tablet.

To personalise your dining table, design and create your own tablecloth. You do this if you feel adventurous and creative, if you want your entire dining area to match the seasons, or if you simply want to show off a pattern you designed in your dining table set or give it to friends and family on special occasions. At elobina, we welcome everyone who wants to spruce up and personalise their home and personal space.

FraMia Design: penguins crazy wild white


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Elobina cotton is everything in one fabric; home furnishings, clothing, crafts, patchwork, sheets, pillowcases etc. 100% Cotton.

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Additional information

Dimensions 142 × 202 cm


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