Create your own kitchen textiles

Become your own designer and create your own kitchen textiles with Elobina.

The kitchen is where everyone gathers at home, we cook while we socialize. Be your own designer and create your own fabric bag with Elobina. Now you can design your kitchen textiles exactly the way you want them, even with a matching apron for yourself and family. The same pattern that you have on your kitchen towel, you can now also have on your tablecloth or in smaller details such as napkins.

You no longer have to look for kitchen textiles from stores – now you can create them yourself at Elobina! Following current trends or only being able to buy certain colors seasonally is now a thing of the past. You do not have to adapt, you design what you want for kitchen textiles in your home. Create your own luxurious linen napkins that you can be proud of.

Now you can make your dream table setting for the holidays and other festivities. What is so good about Elobina’s textile products is that they are very durable and you can use them again. Just wash them according to the washing instructions and you can have them for several years to come.

Become your own designer and create your own kitchen textiles with Elobina. You can use a fun quote, a self-designed pattern or a photo you took yourself – whatever you want! In addition, you can browse our Elobina or designer patterns, which include everything from floral to shapes and lines to abstract and creative patterns. Our pattern page has a complete list of them. Patterns are added regularly.

In our Alnarp studio, we sew all our products by hand and with great care.

Kitchen textiles are available in different sizes, patterns and styles. Fabrics for dining tables and in the kitchen play an important role in home design. You will find the best kitchen textiles at Elobina. Check out this video.

Design and order new kitchen textiles today.

Become your own designer and create your own kitchen textiles with Elobina. Choose from kitchen towels, placemats, napkins, tablecloths, curtains and aprons. Let the kitchen textiles be the final finesse in your kitchen instead of just being practical.

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