Different types of dining room textiles are important and necessary for different table arrangements. These textiles are required for use at home, in restaurants and hotels, as well as for parties and special events. The following are some of the dinner textiles you must have:


Tablecloths are protective fabrics for tables and are made of, among other things, satin, cotton or polyester. Table covers both protect and beautify the tables by protecting them from food and other objects left on the tables. Tablecloths for large tables, round tables, oval tables and small, intimate square tables are available in a variety of patterns and styles. Tablecloths must have a special thickness to stay in place on the table and not fly off or slip due to the environment.


There are several types of table napkins on the market that are used at meals and to dry hands and lips during dinner. These napkins are normally sold as a set and can also be customized.

Table mats

Elobina offers tablecloths in a variety of fabrics, including silk, linen, cotton and polyester. It’s a great way to dress up and decorate a dining area. They help to prepare each place for the dinner party and visitors and are mostly used to protect the table from dishes and glasses.

Table runner

Table runners are long thin tablecloths that do not cover the entire table but rather run from one end to the other in the middle. It is a must to pair a lively table runner with other more subdued and simple table linens.

Dining table fabrics are a type of home decor that can be purchased in different sizes, designs and patterns. People buy different sets of dining table fabrics for different seasons, table setting and interior design styles. Dining table fabrics are an important part of designing home decor.

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