Fabric by the metre and fabric panels

Create your own fabric by the metre and fabric panels just the way you want them and then sew your own textile products.

Here you will find fabrics by the meter or as panels in different sizes.

Panels can be used for so much, both in the workplace and at home. Textiles work well as sound attenuation or if it echoes in a room. This is done by using curtains but also panels along the walls. Perfect to use if you have a small cinema corner at home with your favorite actors or movies. You must not forget that it is also very decorative and gives a homely feeling. Both nice and useful.

A tip is to make unique fabric boards for your home with fabrics and panels. It is a nice interior detail at a very good price and you completely decide what they should look like! Also choose whether we will sew the edges of your product or whether the panel will be unstitched. If you have very large images or files, the panel is better than a meter item because the meter item repeats the pattern again after each meter. Through a panel you can get a large image over 2-3 m long panel.

Are you getting married this year? Then you can print out banners for your wedding with beautiful love texts or show off your story either through pictures or words. Panels and banners are also popular for events and trade fairs. To print your company logo or display your various products / services along banners. Stand out from the competition on the spot and draw all the attention to you. There are no limits and you decide what to show!

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