Below you will find some selected pattern categories according to the season as well as all designers who posted their patterns on Elobina. At All patterns you will find all the patterns we have.

Here is Mia from FraMiaDesign, one of our pattern designers. Take a look at how her pattern creations go from conception to completion.

Welcome to our pattern bank.

Choose your favorite and then choose if you want it on a product or by the meter. Elobina’s own designs are free, but some designs have a price and that is the sum that goes in full to the designer of the pattern. The price of selected fabric per meter will be added.

Elobina Pattern
What should you do with the patterns you have designed?

Do you need ideas about what you can do with the patterns you have created?

Elobina Pattern
Solid-colored bedding versus patterned bedding, or mix and match?

Elobina has a collection of patterns that are suitable for all four seasons of the year.

Elobina Pattern
Elobina curtains and sound-absorbing panels have much more to offer.

Use patterns on the drapes or other textile decorations in your house or company’s public spaces.