Solid-colored bedding is beautiful and uncomplicated, and it can give your room a chic hotel feel. Solid colors can also help to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, perfect for resting after a long day.

Color can be used sparingly in patterned bedding without appearing cluttered. Colors from other parts of the room can be used in the pattern design of your bed. When it comes to patterned bedding, the idea is to use solid colors throughout the set in a variety of ways.

Coordinate color and pattern in the bed set.

Choose solid colors that go well with the design or repeat a color from the pattern. If you feel bold, pair printed sheets or a patterned bedspread with complementary solids. You will also bring a shade from the room’s other patterns, such as the drapes or carpet. When combining many patterns to create an identical result, orchestration is required. Choose a color that binds the colors together.

As the seasons change, so should your bedding. The basic elements for designing a newspaper-worthy bed set remain the same; only the fabrics, patterns and color palettes vary. Think of breathable materials and brighter colors in spring and summer, and cozier options and deeper colors in fall and winter.

Elobina has a collection of patterns that are suitable for this year’s four seasons. From the flowering of spring to the sunny summer, to the glorious autumn and winter’s cozy, happy nights, there is something for everyone. Please note, however, that you are not limited to using only our designs from the design library. You can always add a personal touch by uploading your pattern. We also have a varied selection of fabrics that complement each season.

It’s time to start making your dream beds for winter, spring, summer and fall.