Create your own cushion covers

Be your own designer and create your own cushion covers with Elobina.

Cushion covers can change the whole impression of a room. If you want a warm and soft feeling, velvet pillows are a great choice. Mixing cushion covers differently, for example with different colors, patterns and textures gives an inviting impression and can be styled very well.

You can create your very own “collections” for your home. You can have a consistent theme of patterns. Everything from cushion covers to kitchen textiles, you can create any textile product for any room. You do not have to adapt to trends or what is on the market, you design what you want! Get away from mass production and buy only products that you really want and that you love.

Elobina’s cushion cover is available in 4 different sizes: 40 × 40, 50 × 50, 60 × 40 and 65 × 65 cm. These sizes fit standard pillows that are available in most interior design stores.

Choose your favorite and order new cushion covers online today. Suitable fabrics are e.g. Half Panama, Cotton Linen Stockholm, Cotton Linen Eastcoast, Cotton Satin, Soft Velvet or Velvet Shimmer. The cushion cover has an invisible zipper with a silver-colored flap. The zipper is ecotex.

All printing and sewing takes place in our studio in Alnarp.

NOTE! The image you create is printed on both sides of the cushion cover. So it is the same picture on each page.

Learn more about Elobina cushion covers in this short video, which you can customise with your choice of fabric, size and design, such as personal photos from special occasions, your own pattern or company logo.

Cushion covers with your own design for your home and your business.

Become your own designer and create your own Cushion cover with Elobina. You can use a fun quote, a self-designed pattern or a photo you took yourself – whatever you want! In addition, you can browse our Elobina or designer patterns, which include everything from floral to shapes and lines to abstract and creative patterns.

Elobina cushion covers
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Elobina cushion covers
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Elobina cushion covers
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