It’s a shame to limit yourself to just two or three solid colors in your cushion covers when there are so many great options. The Rule of Three is an ideal strategy for guiding your decisions and organizing. A room can look wonderfully polished and modern even if no single pillow matches another in terms of color, pattern, or style.

Even if you choose a variety of cushion covers with different patterns, the look will be cohesive if they all have the same color palette. To begin, pick a “theme” to guide your cushion cover selection. You can make three different patterns as long as each one incorporates at least one of the colors from your theme. It’s usually easier to start with your “primary” pattern, as it is typically the largest and contains all three colors in all three of your cushions.

Choose patterns on three different scales, with one being dominant. The largest pattern among the three should be your “primary” pattern, followed by a medium-sized pattern, such as a stripe or houndstooth. A solid color in an interesting texture, or one with a faint tone-on-tone pattern, should be the third pattern, which is the most subtle.

Cushion covers can be mixed and matched in many ways, and they sometimes require a keen eye. For starters, there are plenty of designers and sizes on the market that offer everything from patterns to colors in light and dark shades, as well as textures and sizes to suit your style. Elobina is one of them. Elobina is a web-based platform creating cushion designs. You can use your design or one from Elobina’s website, which has everything from designer patterns to Elobina’s own designs.

Design your own now. Start creating!