We are in the middle of a climate crisis and companies of all sizes can help protect the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. There is no excuse for not working in an environmentally friendly way when there are so many simple ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

According to a UN report, we only have 12 years to avoid a climate catastrophe. Climate change will harm our economies if we do nothing to address it. The cost of doing business will also rise as a result. By reducing carbon emissions, companies can play a crucial role in averting disaster.

Elobina is stepping up its sustainability initiatives to prevent this disaster. We work towards sustainable production processes to reduce carbon footprints and achieve climate neutrality. Transport, land or air, account for almost a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions each year. A simple solution to reduce emissions from travel is to eliminate the use of fuel as much as possible.

For a few years now, Elobina has been manufacturing its fabrics in European neighboring countries and sending them to its head office in Sweden. Elobina will now start manufacturing Alnarpi in May. The start of the manufacturing plant here means that business processes that contribute to total carbon dioxide emissions, such as shipping and transport of production materials, will be reduced. It also means high-quality results and sustainable digital production.

To celebrate the launch of this new initiative, the company offers a special discount to everyone!

Special advance sale

Elobina offers a special discount on our pillowcases 40×40 and 40×50. You can order it now for up to 35% discount and have it delivered within 2-3 weeks, or you can take advantage of the special pre-order discount and have it delivered in May with up to 55% discount. Take this offer now and join us in our new sustainable initiative.

Soon we will also add fabrics to the pre-order discount.

Start creating!