Create your own fabric bag

Be your own designer and create your own fabric bag with Elobina.

A bag makes everyday life easier as we want to have our hands free for other things. In a fabric bag, you get with you all the necessities that you want to take during the day. Fabric bags are also very trendy right now as fewer and fewer want to buy plastic bags in stores.

It is the perfect accessory to use on so many occasions in your everyday life. A fabric bag to and from work or school that fits with a laptop. A fabric bag to buy items such as groceries or groceries, a lunch bag to carry your lunch in style, or a fabric bag to the gym after work, if you do not want to carry around a large exercise bag all day. We also have a fabric bag in size XL that works great for washing days when a lot needs to be carried. The fun thing about these bags is that you can design them. You choose what they should look like and what quality or structure the bag should have. Good materials for these bags are, Cotton-linen Eastcoast and Halvpanama Antigua as they are stronger in structure so therefore they can keep their shape better.

You can create a bag like: tote bag, beach bag, lunch bag, laundry bag, gym bag, computer bag, school bag and many more. There are no limits. This is also a perfect gift to give to someone you love.

You can learn how to create a product using our IT platform step by step on Elobina’s website. Keep in mind that there is more to a cushion covers. There are bags, curtains, sound-absorbing panels, clothes, kitchen textiles and even bed linen. Checkout the video

Design a bag that is personal and sustainable.

Be your own designer and create your own fabric bag with Elobina. You can use a fun quote, a self-designed pattern or a photo you took yourself – whatever you want! In addition, you can browse our Elobina or designer patterns, which contain everything from flowers to shapes and lines to abstract and artistic patterns. Our pattern page has a complete list of them. Patterns are added regularly.

In our Alnarp studio, we sew all our products by hand and with great care.

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Fabric bags are the perfect blend of functionality, style and usability.

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A small investment can go a long way in ensuring the longevity of your beloved handbags.

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