How to get the most out of Elobina’s design studio

Elobina design studio can do so much more than you expect. To make your own personalised textile product, you don’t have to go through a complicated process. All you need is an image or pattern that you design yourself. You can also browse online. Along these you can use the elobina or designer patterns available on our website to make your life easier.

Here are ways to get the most out of our design studio:

You must first decide which textile product you want to create before you do anything else. You can choose from the category if you want a fabric, pillowcases, bags, curtains, bedroom textiles, kitchen textiles or shawls.

After deciding which textile product you want to create, you now choose whether you want to upload your own image or pattern, create a collage or use elobina or designer patterns.

Upload an image or pattern

You can upload a unique or special photo that you have taken and a pattern that you have designed yourself. Your choice. The possibilities are endless. Then edit your image/pattern. You can rotate, repeat or scale. You can also crop and select the background.

Elobina or designer pattern

You don’t want to bother taking a picture or designing your own pattern, you just want to make your fabric or textile product right away. Nevertheless, we can help you. Free elobina patterns are available from our pattern library. Or, for only 60 SEK, you can use one of our designer patterns.

Once you’ve decided which product to order and edited your pattern in the design studio, you can proceed to choose the fabric you want. If you want to order more fabric and textile products, you can follow the same procedure again, or you can continue to the shopping cart, checkout and make a payment.

Be your own designer and create your own fabrics and textile products with Elobina.