Take advantage of the opportunity to see fabric samples on Elobina

At Elobina, anyone, whether business or private customer, you can create personalised fabrics and textile products without compromising on quality or sustainability. You can create your own fabrics and textile products. But whether you’re a business or an private customer, choosing the right fabric for your textile product can be a challenge.

Especially for new customers, we recommend that you order fabric samples first so that you don’t regret ordering a fabric or products that don’t turn out at all as you expected.

What are the benefits of ordering fabric samples before ordering your first textile product, starting your first sewing project or printing fabrics? You’ll see the fabrics:

  • Color

  • Quality

  • Structure

Elobina offers four different design tools for you to start a project

Colour chart 1m from 219 kr/m

The 1 metre colour chart has 1450 colours, helping you to find exactly the right colours for your design. All colours are provided with HEX codes that you can then select in your design program. You can also choose a colour code in the Elobina editor for plain fabric. You can order the fabric map in any fabric.

Colour chart small X11 RGB colours

It’s the same as using a 1m colour chart when using a small X11 RGB colour chart, except smaller and more handy. You still have the option to choose the fabric and will be given a selection of the most common colours to use as a guide for your design.

Test 1m fabric

Test 1m fabric. If your design is ready, this type of fabric sample is perfect for you. You want to print your designs in large quantities, but you’re not sure what kind of fabric to use or how the print will turn out? Try printing a test on 1m of fabric.You can fill your meter with any number of patterns and designs.

Fabric samples

You can find all our fabrics as small printed squares in the elobina fabric sample pack. It is easy to compare prints and fabrics because all samples are printed with the same image. Elobina fabric samples are packed in a cute little elobina pouch.

Before ordering fabrics and textile products, take advantage of the opportunity to order fabric samples at Elobina.