Elobina offers a variety of products and materials for home and business use. Curtains made of elegant silk textiles, pillows made of luxurious cotton satin and bedding made of fine silk fabrics. Our flameproof materials are perfect for use in the workplace and public spaces for companies. They resist dirt and flame retardant fabrics are usually required in public environments. These textiles are ideal for outdoor furniture, as well as the water-repellent “Deko PES.”

It’s your choice!

You can choose whether you order fabric by the meter or have an Elobina product sewn by Elobina’s skilled seamstresses. Cotton, linen, silk, recyclable fabrics and many more textiles we provide. When we work with natural fiber materials such as cotton and linen, there may be white spots because there are sometimes loose threads or pimples that break off during the manufacturing process. Still, it is part of the beauty of natural materials made from living materials.

Choose your fabric and design, or use one of ours. The price shown is the entire cost (excluding delivery). It includes fabric, prints and VAT. Depending on the material and printing process, production takes 2 to 8 weeks.