Match cushion covers: use Elobina and designer patterns, your own design, photos, and texts

It’s always a good idea to occasionally, seasonally, or whenever you feel like it, refresh the decor in your home, especially the living room. Instead of using the same set of design interiors throughout the year, updating home decors creates various moods for you and your loved ones to enjoy. But it can be a little challenging, especially if you’re unsure of what to match with your decors. One of the most important things to consider updating is the decor of your couch. It’s necessary to update your couch’s decor, because if they don’t go well together and compliment the living room’s interior design, they won’t make any sense.

Here are four options to help you get started on refreshing your cushion cover decors with Elobina. 

With us, there are endless possibilities in making various textile products for home decors, clothing, accessories, and more.

Use Elobina patterns and pay nothing.

Personalising and designing unique patterns for your textile products is always nice. But did you know that elobina offers a variety of patterns that you can use for FREE on days when you lack a little inspiration and creativity? For as little as ZERO euros you can select from a variety of categories, including shapes, forms, seasons, flowers, animals, and more. Our Elobina pattern library, which now has 15 different categories, is available to anyone who needs it for creating their own textile items.

Use Elobina designer patterns for as low as 6 € /m.

In our Elobina designer patterns library, there are 24 wonderful and talented artists. You can use individual patterns created by designers from Sweden, Finland, the UK, and other nearby countries for as low as 6 €/m. These designers offer distinct and different styles. However, you can find at least one of these designers for whatever you feel like adding to your couch decor. The list is long and includes designs like floral, animals, recurring patterns, seasons, shapes, forms and many more.

Use your own image. You can also use one or more and create a stunning photo collage of your loved ones and special moments.

Create couch decor out of memories you’ve captured through cushion covers to relive the moments. You want a cushion cover with multiple images. No problem! Elobina’s editor allows you to combine up to 9 photos into a photo collage. You can choose from the several layout options provided. However, it is still easy to fix if you want more than 9 images in your cushion cover. You don’t have to be an expert in more complicated photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.  Simply use a basic collage application available online or on your phone.

Use texts or your own personalised and unique pattern

Nothing makes your new couch decorations more personal than a cushion cover that is uniquely yours. Either with a phrase, a quote, or a pattern you designed yourself. Maybe a text about home, family, love, etc. Or a pattern that you design yourself based on a fond memory, a memorable occasion, or a loved one. Any of these things can improve and finish your set of couch decorations with a beautiful statement that will leave everyone, including your family and guests, stunned when they enter your living room.

Based on the four options presented above, I created a set of couch décor for this blog. A photo collage of a memorable occasion for the 40×40, a designer pattern from DJK Design for the 50×50 in “Snow cloudberries in white” an Elobina pattern for the 65×65 in “Vita kors på svart botten”, and the statement “there’s no place like home” for the 60×40 to finish off the set.

Be your own designer

Match your own cushion covers. Use elobina or designer patterns, your own image/collage or texts.