Fabrics & products for artists and designers

Create your own unique fabrics and textile products

Materials for textile products, available in the Elobina fabrics and textile product range. When it comes to colours and motifs, there are countless design possibilities. You can use the customer’s own designs, photos, animals, landscapes or perhaps an object and then crop, rotate and repeat it in our editing tool. You can also use paintings, you just need to photograph or scan it.

All our fabrics are printed locally and we also have our own skilled tailors to sew your fabrics onto the textile products of your choice.

Elobina is proud to print and supply quality fabrics and textile products to these amazing artists and designers

Do you want to have your own unique and personal fabrics/textile products for your customers? Order here or contact Vilma Gustafsson | vilma.gustafsson@elobina.com | phone 073 506 41 96